Why Should I Hire a General Contractor?


Why Should I Hire a General Contractor? | Kingdom Construction - DSCF2186


General Contractors vs. Sub-Contractors- What’s the benefit of a General Contractor?


You might be asking yourself what the best course of action is for your remodeling project. There are diverse options in today’s market due to the increasing segmentation in the construction industry. You can find sub-contractors that specialize in just about everything.  Because of this, many people wonder what the benefit of hiring a general contractor is compared to hiring your own subcontractors.

The issue with hiring sub-contractors is that its perceived benefit is also its major drawback- you (the homeowner) have complete control over your remodeling project. This means you take on all the liability, all the planning and coordinating, and should possess enough knowledge about building and trades to schedule your sub-contractors correctly and efficiently. In fact, you need sufficient knowledge about the building industry to understand what trades are required for your project in the first place! In theory, controlling the entire process sounds appealing to homeowners, but in practice it tends to be more than they bargained for.

General contractors are licensed and possess a wealth of knowledge about each trade industry, allowing them to effectively and efficiently manage multiple-trade projects. Most remodeling projects involve multiple trades, and often there are unexpected hurdles when modifying preexisting structures. This is where a general contractor becomes valuable, especially compared to hiring multiple sub-contractors on your own. Here are specific ways your general contractor can make your remodeling process easy and stress-free.


Licensed General Contractors Carry Insurance

By law, a licensed general contractor must carry proper liability insurance. In the event something goes wrong, this insurance covers you and your property. Sub-contractors are not necessarily required to carry this insurance, which means you and your property are at risk if some type of damage or injury occurs at the jobsite.

They Can Manage Your Budget, Timeline, and Tradesmen

A General contractor acts as a project manager, giving you peace of mind and the ability to cut down on unneeded stress. Instead of placing all of this burden on you, your general contractor will take care of everything. You give them your budget, and they will provide you with a quote and manage everything from there. They also eliminate the hassle of ensuring tradesmen are scheduled correctly and are doing their job well.

General Conractors Have the Right Industry Knowledge to Get the Job Done

Because they are educated on the entire building process, a general contractor knows when permits are required, what can and can’t be done given the conditions of your home, and what it will take to do it. They also ensure everything is done to code and industry standards.

The Kingdom Difference

Kingdom has added benefits for a homeowner interested in a multiple-trade remodeling project. Not only do we have licensed general contractors on staff, but we also use our own in-house tradesmen and designers to provide industry-leading service. By not subbing out our work, we are able to ensure our clients get the highest quality products and services we are able to provide.

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