Why Open Concept Design?

Open Concept Home Design

Why Open Concept Design?


Are you looking to transform your ‘sectioned off’ home into a free-flowing masterpiece? Figure out what needs to be changed! Site lines, functionality, aesthetic appeal, & resale value are all reasons to consider a new open concept home renovation.

Check-out HGTV & their list of pros & cons to consider before an open concept home renovation should get started.

Whether you're looking to live in your home for another 6 months or 50 years, an open concept renovation could improve your home in more ways than you think!


Research! Take a look at your current situation, what would need to be changed in order to get the most out of the renovation?

Is the renovation going to be realistic for your budget?

Research cost estimates & reach out to reliable local building companies. Keep in mind, some contractors offer low-cost estimates so you work with them. Reviews, references, & portfolios are important!

A professional's opinion could give you insights in regards to structural capabilities, time frames, budgets, & more.

Kingdom assists you throughout the consult, design, & remodel process to assure you get the most out of your home renovation. Get a reliable home remodeling quote from Kingdom!

Work with the most creative and innovative designers & architects in the business.

We manage every component of your remodeling project from initial consultation to completed redesign. You will meet directly with our in-house designers & architects who will solve complex problems to deliver exactly what you want. Your project will be guided by a project manager & our in-house builders and tradesmen will execute the work.

We aren’t your average home remodeling contractor.