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See What An Open Concept Floor Plan Can Bring To Your Michigan Home

Open Concept Layout in Michigan

Don’t pack up and move, meet with our open concept kitchen contractor.

You may love your home and its location, so why move when you want more space? You have everything you want in your community, so stay put. Let us at Kingdom open up a few rooms or take a wall down between the kitchen and the dining room, or living room, or both. With an open concept remodel, you can have everything you need in the home and neighborhood you love.

Bring in the light and make room for family and friends to gather!

Let’s get started on your project!

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open concept home design in Michigan

Turn your home into a place that calls out “Welcome!” the moment you walk in the front door.

Kingdom contractors and designers will turn your home into a warm, welcoming open-concept space, that extends an open arm greeting for all who enter. Our designers and architects are specialists in open concept layout, and that means open concept living rooms, open concept basements, and anything in between. The most frequent request we get is for the open concept kitchen, which usually involves a wall or half wall being removed. We design clever living spaces that are subtly delineated from each other but remove walls and barriers that create a cut-off, claustrophobic effect.

Our open basement concept designer can have a look at your basement and where you see cement, cinder block walls, and glass block windows, our designer sees an open concept basement. We see with a family room and kitchen with an island, we see an in-home gym, and we see home theaters, too. It is not as complicated, nor as expensive as you might think. Most basements are an empty slate to our open basement concept designers!

open concept kitchen remodel

With an open concept kitchen remodel you’ll have a view of the whole house.

Imagine you are cooking dinner with a view of two kids doing homework in the dining room, and another one in the family room and you’ve got eyes on them all. You have a view of the front door and the stairs. It makes multi-tasking even more efficient and pretty soon you feel like the super mom you are.

While we are opening up a few rooms, of course we may encounter load bearing walls. We are experts at creative solutions, such as installing a two-way fireplace, or pillars that add architectural interest and maintain openness. Our open concept kitchen contractors have solved the toughest problems, because we are determined to make your open home dream a reality.

Open Concept FAQs

What are the common mistakes to avoid when designing an open concept kitchen and living room?

When designing an open concept space, there a few common mistakes that are crucial to avoid:

  • Not Defining Zones: Not defining distinct zones in your new open concept space can make the room feel unorganized and overwhelming. By strategically placing furniture and other design elements, you can create clear-cut areas like a cozy living room and a beautiful dining room.
  • Ignoring Flow: It's important to take into account how someone would naturally move about the space. Interrupting a normal walking path with a couch or a coffee table will make an open concept remodel feel chaotic. A floor plan that avoids dead ends or natural cluttering is key!
  • Lack of Storage: You don't want to see all of your stuff from every part of your house! Incorporating storage units like cabinets, bookcases, and armoires will keep your home looking tidy.
  • Neglecting Acoustics: This is probably the most crucial and most difficult aspect of creating an open floor plan in your home. Without walls to absorb sound, open concept areas can get loud. You can minimize reverberation with curtains, rugs, and even cushioned couches and chairs!

When it gets right down to it, remodeling your home to be open concept can be tricky. Trust the creative remodeling experts at Kingdom Construction to do it right the first time!

What are the benefits of an open concept remodel?

Open concept remodeling increases and enhances natural light, spurs social interaction, and maximizes your space without actually building out! It can also make your home feel larger and increase your home's value, along with making it easier to entertain guests by removing barriers between rooms.

How do I know if open concept design is right for my home?

There are a few factors to take into account when considering an open concept remodel. This includes your personal preferences, your existing space, and most importantly, the structural integrity of your home. Our creative team of remodelers at Kingdom Construction are up for any challenge, and are ready to assess your home to determine if an open concept design is right for you.

Work with the most creative and innovative designers & architects in the business.

Consult, design, and remodel: our three-step process simplifies your remodel and keeps you informed each step of the way. During the design process, we can create custom layouts and 3D models so that you can see what you’re getting prior to the remodel itself. Then, we’ll work with you to make any recommended changes before delivering your ideal renovation. Check out our process and learn how we can work with you!

We aren’t your average home remodeling contractor.