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5 Star Rating They take pride in their work and treat your home as if it were their own, excellent craftsmanship & attention to detail. The tradesmen were friendly, courteous and did a great job of cleaning up. Highly recommend Kingdom Construction for all your construction and remodeling needs. — Charlie F
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5 Star Rating There were many potential issues that could occur with our home being over 100 years old, but Brian and team worked through those and delivered a product we love! Working with Kingdom was such a great experience that we used them again when we added a deck onto our house! — Chontay P
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5 Star Rating Have worked with Kingdom Construction for over 10 years, excellent work on my home in Canton and again in my current home in Plymouth. Prompt, courteous service with attention to detail. — Dan S.

Garage Additions & Renovations in Plymouth, Northville, & Beyond

Garage Addition Company Michigan

Remodeling your existing garage or need a garage addition?

Kingdom has over 40 years of combined building experience in understanding blueprints, structures, permits, and the building trades required to either build from the ground up or add on to an existing building, whether the addition is adding up or out. Our expert garage contractors know how to get a garage job done, right. We have hundreds of solutions to typical garage issues and have plenty of suggestions for features you may not have considered.

Let’s get started on your project!

Garage Remodeling Michigan

Meet with our garage builder and designer to discover the exciting options.

It doesn’t take much to build a room or dormer over the garage as extra space especially if you are planning a garage build now, just add a few hundred square feet up top. Your returning college kids or the in-laws may need some space, too, for residency or visits. Think of the possibilities!

Maybe you have you been wanting a man cave? How about one above the garage? We cannot think of anything more convenient after working all day in your garage workshop than retiring to the man cave above for a cold beverage. Imagine the pool table, the big screen TV, and the fully stocked bar in the corner. We can make it all happen.

Garage builder Michigan

Garages additions for extra storage and the classic car!

It isn’t always convenient to put a shed in your yard, but an addition to your garage is a great idea, and is easy to build off the original structure. It is hard these days to find all the storage you need for lawn equipment and garden tools when your garage is already accommodating two cars and several bikes. Perhaps you have more cars to store, because the kids are starting to drive, or you finally got that special car you’ve always wanted. You are probably already struggling to try not to scratch vehicles with the countless other items like lawnmowers, bikes, and trikes moving in and out!

Our garage contractors can get you on your way to garage organization, a workbench for your tools, and storage lockers for everyone in the family to store sports equipment, bike helmets, skates, and skateboards. Have you ever tripped over one or two and vowed to get storage cabinets and shelves before an accident happened? Make an appointment with our garage builders. We work with you from concept to completion and every step in between.

Garage Additions FAQs

Can you add onto an existing garage?

Absolutely! Kingdom Construction specializes in seamlessly expanding existing garages to meet your evolving needs. Whether you need additional storage space, a workshop, or more room for your vehicles, our experienced team is well-equipped to design and build an extension that integrates seamlessly with your current garage structure. We carefully consider factors such as architectural style, materials, and functionality to ensure that the addition not only meets, but enhances the overall aesthetic of your garage space. Our commitment is to deliver a cohesive and high-quality solution that aligns with your vision for an expanded, more functional garage.

What types of garages does Kingdom Construction & Remodel specialize in building?

We specialize in building both attached and detached garages. Whether you need additional parking space, a workshop, or a customized space for recreational vehicles, our team can tailor the design to meet your specific requirements.

Do I need to obtain permits for a garage addition, and does Kingdom Construction & Remodel
assist with this process?

Yes, permits are typically required for garage additions, and Kingdom Remodel assists in obtaining all necessary approvals. Our experienced team guides you through the permitting process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and a hassle-free building experience.

Work with the most creative and innovative designers & architects in the business.

Consult, design, and remodel: our three-step process simplifies your remodel and keeps you informed each step of the way. During the design process, we can create custom layouts and 3D models so that you can see what you’re getting prior to the remodel itself. Then, we’ll work with you to make any recommended changes before delivering your ideal renovation. Check out our process and learn how we can work with you!

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