What Do You Do When You've Outgrown Your House?


What Do You Do When You've Outgrown Your House? - addition-3


Should You Move or Remodel?


Remodeling- A Customizable Option

If you are beginning to feel like your family has outgrown your home, it is likely you have thought about moving. What most people do not realize is that remodeling your home is often a better, less expensive solution than moving. In addition, remodeling gives you the option to create your dream home! It is an extremely customizable, personal way to get the most out of your home.


How Do I Decide What’s Right for Me?

While remodeling might be your best option, there are many factors that make up this big decision. For some homeowners, moving truly is their best bet. When deciding between moving or remodeling, the main deciding factor boils down to what is controllable and uncontrollable.


Things You Can Modify in a Renovation Project

With the right contractor, you can change just about anything in your home. If size is your main complaint, then you might consider an addition. If you don’t like the style or flow of your home, that is an easy update for a skilled remodeling contractor. You can change your floorplan, make your home feel more spacious, and bring your style up to date! Another thing to consider is the lifetime value of your home improvements. There is a cap on most homes in terms of resale value, so you should ensure that your improvement efforts do not surpass this amount. Once you have a good idea of what you would like done in your renovation, have a realtor assess what the value of your home will be after your project is completed to ensure its worth the investment.


When It’s Time to Consider Moving

There are some aspects about a home that cannot be changed, like its location, lot size, and the school district it is in. If these are the reasons you are unhappy with your home, then it is time to start looking for a new one. If your renovation surpasses the cap on your home value and you would not get your money back upon selling your home, you should also consider moving.


How Kingdom Can Help You

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