Managing Your Stress During the Remodeling Process


Managing Your Stress During the Remodeling Process | Kingdom - DSCF1918


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to remodel your own home instead of watching other people do it on HGTV? While it may seem glamorous in theory, there are a lot of factors that go into remodeling your home and it can get stressful. Here are a few ways to manage your stress levels when remodeling your home!


Trust Your Contractor

As much as we love watching HGTV, it can leave homeowners believing they know more about the construction process than they really do. TV shows are highly edited and don’t necessarily give you an accurate representation of the full remodeling process and timeline, so be cautious when basing your expectations off of them. You hired your remodeling contractor because they are a proven professional in the industry, so try to remember this and trust them to manage your project! This will eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress from you during the course of your remodeling project.


Expect Things to Get Messy

No matter how clean your contractor is, there will always be construction dust in your home during a remodel. There is simply no escaping it, so don’t expect a clean home if you are living in it during the process.


Have Some Flexibility in Your Budget

When remodeling your home, always expect the unexpected. It is usually recommended to allow an extra 5-10% in your budget to cover any unexpected costs. Whether it is something the contractor discovered upon demolition or you end up wanting to make a design change, there is always something that doesn’t go according to plan. If you understand this from the get-go and budget accordingly, these events will cause you far less stress.


Be Clear About Your Timeline and Expect Project Delays

If you need your project done by a certain date, it Is extremely important to communicate this to your contractor. They will need to plan accordingly to ensure completion by the requested date. There are many factors that can cause delays in your project, such as permit applications and lead times on materials and appliances ordered. If a certain appliance or material is on back order, it can throw a wrench in your timeline. Similarly, a permit can be frustrating to obtain and may take some time. If the contractor knows you have a hard deadline for your project, he can plan accordingly and may have to change some aspects of your design in order to meet it.


How Kingdom Construction Can Help

Our company offers benefits most remodeling contractors don’t. We offer a team of in-house designers to help you with floor plan and selections choices from start to finish. We also employ all our own tradesmen and rarely use sub-contractors. This allows us to fully manage our quality of work and ensure you are getting the best service possible. Our unique features eliminate as much stress as possible from the homeowner, which allows you to actually enjoy your remodeling process instead of worrying about the details. Experience the Kingdom difference today!

Work with the most creative and innovative designers & architects in the business.

Consult, design, and remodel: our three-step process simplifies your remodel and keeps you informed each step of the way. During the design process, we can create custom layouts and 3D models so that you can see what you’re getting prior to the remodel itself. Then, we’ll work with you to make any recommended changes before delivering your ideal renovation. Check out our process and learn how we can work with you!

We aren’t your average home remodeling contractor.