Kitchen Island Design

4 Kitchen Island Design & Remodeling Tips


Functionality is your friend! The center island should be designed to function as a working piece of your living area. This means the island is unique to your specific needs. Consider all of your options in regards to seating, appliances, storage, & the counter-top surface area.


We all know everyone wants the largest island possible, however, there’s a few things to keep in mind. You don't want to intrude on any walkways throughout the area. A tight squeeze between an island and other appliance is your worst nightmare! It hurts resale and could cause a lot of future issues in regards to functionality.

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All kitchen islands have different design elements including counter-top options, cabinets, hood vents, wine fridges, & more. One of the best options for giving your kitchen that custom feel is adding a secondary counter-top material for the island. Its a great option because the switching costs can be low depending on the products you select. The lighting fixtures are another fun way to add some design elements at a relatively low price. They give you a great way of expressing your personal design preferences & wont influence future resale (unless you go overboard of course).


When taking on a project like a kitchen remodel, keep in mind that quality & craftsmanship are essential when it comes to the end product. A trusted firm such as Kingdom, offers you start to finish service for every aspect of your renovation project.

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Consult, design, and remodel: our three-step process simplifies your remodel and keeps you informed each step of the way. During the design process, we can create custom layouts and 3D models so that you can see what you’re getting prior to the remodel itself. Then, we’ll work with you to make any recommended changes before delivering your ideal renovation. Check out our process and learn how we can work with you!

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