Fall Remodeling Trends


Fall is finally upon us! With the season change comes the urge to change up our style, whether it be our décor, our wardrobe, or even the scent of candle we burn in our house. This is the perfect time to explore new remodeling trends and consider updating your home. Here are a few of our latest favorite trends.


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The Open Concept Floorplan

This remodeling trend makes the most out of the space you have in your home without having to expand/add to it. In older homes, dividing walls between kitchens and living/dining areas are extremely common. By removing divider walls, it creates the illusion that your home is bigger and more spacious than before.



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Rustic Chic

While a rustic theme is right on trend for fall, this design trend is perfect year-round. With exposed beams, natural wood finishes, and touches of modern design this style is effortlessly beautiful. Many use reclaimed wood to create accent walls, which not only looks stylish, but is also environmentally friendly.



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Bright and White

Simple, clean, and modern, this design trend is here to stay. The white-on-white design trend has been steadily gaining traction since 2019, and we think it will be around for a while. It can seem intimidating, but you can use neutrals and pops of color to break up the monotone design. By keeping things simple with your appliances and cabinetry, you have more freedom when choosing décor and accents.



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Similar to the bright-and-white trend, contemporary interior design focuses on a clean/simple look. Often monotone, the color palettes revolve around pure white and neutral tones. If splashes of colors are used, they are used sparingly as an accent. Geometric patterns are also a common accent feature.



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