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open concept layout in northville

Removing walls to create a FUNCTIONAL open concept layout.

The project

Creating an open concept layout is one of the most logical ways to increase your homes design & functionality.  We removed two walls in this Northville home to open the kitchen & living room area as well as the dinning room. The new design improved the site lines, walking patterns, & allowed for more natural light.  As you can see from the difference in the before & after photos, this home is hard to even imagine with the walls still in place. Creating a new open concept layout has never been easier with Kingdom & our 3 step Consult · Design · Build remodeling process. 

Northville Wall Removal- kitchen.jpg
Northville Wall Removal- before.jpg
Northville wall removal dinning room 2.jpg
New home layout design
Northville Wall Removal- living room.JPG
Northville wall removal dinning room.jpg

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