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How much does it cost to remodel?

Project Costs

Our home remodeling calculator powered by KUKUN allows you to select a project type and see what similar projects cost on-average in your neighborhood.

Consult with our in-house builders, providing you with information on rough estimates, scheduling, & project considerations.

What determines overall project pricing?

Cabinets, countetops, flooring, & layout changes are all items that significantly influence overall project pricing. Pricing also includes items such as architects, designers, permits, & more!

The KUKUN calculator provides calculations for these many varying components of a project based on neighborhood averages. Put in your project info & receive an instant rough calculation.

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As a remodel & design firm we have the ability to work with your style & budget to come up with a plan to meet your unique needs.

In-house builders, designers, & architects work directly with in-house project managers & installers. Our remodel process assure that from initial consult through completed redesign, we manage every component of your project to turn-key transformation. Get Started Today

Interior Vs Exterior Remodeling Firms

Understand the Difference Between Interior & Exterior Home Remodeling

What makes an interior home remodeling & design firm the right choice for you? Interior home remodelers such as Kingdom, are focused on the high-end finished craftsmanship that is associated with quality interior home renovations.

Interior Home Remodeling

Our Project Gallery

Our design & remodel process allows for complete customization of your home project. Learn more

Our design & remodel process allows us to gather your pricing based on project scope, custom design, & products, sooner than a traditional remodeler. We even manage all of your product selections online, customizing your design with fast/accurate pricing.

By not subcontracting the work out, we have complete control over quality, craftsmanship, & scheduling.

Does your CONTractor have what Kingdom has?

  • Liability Insurance

  • Installation & Product Warranty

  • Login to see all the action happening in your project, on your phone or computer!

  • Product ordering & storage

  • Updated project totals based on product selections

  • In-house Builders

  • In-house Designers

  • In-house Tradesman

  • In-house Architects

  • In-house Project managers

  • Progress payments allow for transparent billing - You only pay for what is being done!

  • 50+ Online Reviews

  • Large Online Portfolio

  • Kingdom guides you through the processes of a beautifully crafted home renovation. Providing you with an inclusive product selections/ design process, trusted craftsmanship, & industry leading finished home remodeling projects.

NOt Your average home Remodeling contractor

From design to finish remodel - Work is completed by our in-house staff.