Optimizing Your Home's Square Footage

Get the most out of your home’s existing space

Unoccupied space can seem like wasted square footage when you don't have a plan of action for improvement. Consider this project, where we transformed the unused space underneath the basement stairs into a functional half bathroom. The area was fully optimized to its potential & even features some unique design elements to appeal to the homeowners style. The bathroom adds value & functionality to an area that was previously unoccupied.

When working to enhance your usable space & overall functionality, its important to consider a number of things. First, remember that planning, research, & budgeting is going be the starting point. Research what kind of features you can add to the space, are they within your budget? If so, consider a reputable remodeling company to put your plan to action. Working with a licensed builder can help you better utilize the space to its full capacity as well as make sure the work is high quality & will last for years to come. 

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