Finding a Trusted Home Remodeling Company


The biggest priority when figuring out your next home renovation is planning out where to start! This means that you need to decide if you have the time & money to take on a project as well as what kind of company you want to work with.

2. Research!

You need to find a trusted company in your area but don't know where to begin. Start with a simple google search of home remodeling companies in the area & check out some of their reviews. Next, you'll want to compile a short list of companies you plan on considering. Remember, check out their website, reviews on third party sites, as well as google & Facebook.

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3. Evaluate

It’s never easy deciding on the company to trust, however, here's a couple rules of thumb to follow.

  • The cheapest estimate isn't always the best, in fact its often quite the opposite.

  • Consider their customer service while you were in contact with them, were they considerate?

  • Are they busy? The busy companies tend to have higher quality work & employees.

  • Take your time, don't feel pressured to start your renovation too soon with the wrong company.

4. Decision Time

Pick the company that best aligns with the values you are looking for in your renovation. For example, if you were looking for a slightly higher priced, higher quality company, you might consider the following.

  • The company who gave REALISTIC estimates & time frames is a better option then the company who says that they can add an addition to your home by next Tuesday.

  • Pick the company who you feel like is going to treat you as a priority & value your time & money as a client.

  • Finally, get started on your renovation & transform your home!