Remodeling a Fixer Upper

Remodel Your Fixer Upper

Where to Begin

So you bought a fixer upper, what happens next?

Start by creating a short list of renovations to increase the value, optimize its functionality/usability, & enhance the aesthetic appeal.

First, asses how much those projects typically cost by either calling on builders &/or researching online. It’s important to consider how much of your budget is going to be influenced by materials & structural changes.

Consider speaking with a trusted builder in your area, one that you know will provide you with accurate estimates, building/product suggestions, designs, & more.

When selecting a remodeling company - Consider the following

  • What does the company offer? A company such as Kingdom provides you with a designer, licensed builders, architect, project managers, & more.

  • Do they offer a warranty? You want a company who stands behind their finished work.

  • Who works for the company? Do they have in-house pre-screened employees? Are you going to trust them in your home for multiple weeks?

  • A company who has minimal online reviews & portfolios typically aren’t as experienced as an established company.

The age old saying “You get what you pay for” is no exception when it comes to the home remodeling industry.

Design & Renovate

Home renovations vary greatly in price based on product selections & the overall complexity of the design.

Designs are developed to give you an inside peek at what your home is going to look like after the renovation. They’re also a major component of getting renovations approved by your city - A company like Kingdom handles all designs & city interactions so you don’t have to!

What HGTV Won’t Show You

You’ve been watching HGTV for years & it’s finally time to pull the trigger on your dream fixer-upper.

One of the most important things to consider: City approvals & inspections are a large component of most major home renovations but aren’t mentioned in popular TV shows. These can often slow down the progress of a job if your city is backed up.

TV shows also don’t talk about how long it takes to develop design plans or the time it takes for items like custom kitchen cabinets to be delivered. However, experienced companies do have proven procedures to streamline the process.

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