Home Remodeling Tips

Home Remodeling Tips Every HomeOwner Needs to Know!

The Company You Work With

Not every contractor & home remodeling company is the same. We recommend seeking out a company who is trustworthy, realistic in project scope, & sets a realistic budget. 

Some contractors set the estimates too low, giving you an unrealistic idea on how much its really going to cost. 

Kingdom offers you a realistic budget for your custom renovation, payments based on work completed, & assists in the City/Township permit process.

Don't just think 'Right Now'

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A home renovation is going to effect your home in a lot of different ways. 

The renovation offers you increased functionality, aesthetic appeal, & ROI. 

When considering all the benefits of the home renovation, consider what the future buyer of the home might think (if you ever plan on reselling). This just means that if you plan on selling your home in a few years, consider how the remodel will appeal to a buyer. 

How Long will the Renovation Last?



It's important to remember major home renovations & remodels require plans. Plans & city approval are things that popular HGTV shows don't usually talk about. It's important to understand that the city you live in may effect your renovation time-line more than anything else. 

This is another reminder, don't trust home remodeling contractors who don't pull permits when they are needed! 

Home Remodeling Warranty

Trusted home remodeling companies work with high quality brands & materials to guarantee your project turns out exactly how you want! Trusted Remodeling companies like Kingdom even offer warranty repairs if something were to happen down the line.

Kingdom Construction & Remodel

Kingdom offers a worry free home remodeling experience, our  Consult · Design · Build process provides you with high quality products, services, & craftsmanship.