Kitchen Island Design

4 Kitchen Island Design & Remodeling Tips

1.  Functionality

Functionality is your friend! The center island should be designed to function as a working piece of your living area. This means the island is unique to your specific needs. Consider all of your options in regards to seating, appliances, storage, & the counter-top surface area.

2.  SIZE

We all know everyone wants the largest island possible, however, there’s a few things to keep in mind. You don't want to intrude on any walkways throughout the area. A tight squeeze between an island and other appliance is your worst nightmare! It hurts resale and could cause a lot of future issues in regards to functionality. 

3.  Design Features

All kitchen islands have different design elements including counter-top options, cabinets, hood vents, wine fridges, & more.  One of the best options for giving your kitchen that custom feel is adding a secondary counter-top material for the island. Its a great option because the switching costs can be low depending on the products you select. The lighting fixtures are another fun way to add some design elements at a relatively low price. They give you a great way of expressing your personal design preferences & wont influence future resale (unless you go overboard of course).

4.  Design & Build

When taking on a project like a kitchen remodel, keep in mind that quality & craftsmanship are essential when it comes to the end product. A trusted firm such as Kingdom, offers you start to finish service for every aspect of your renovation project.