Open Concept Design in Northville

Transformation of the living area 

Open Concept design


A simple open concept design transformation starts with planning. These homeowners chose to remove two interior walls in order to improve their homes functionality & aesthetic appeal. Updating the layout of your home can also increase resale value. Lets face it, people in the real estate market put extremely high value on the functionality of a homes layout & seek to find homes that have an ope concept design.


When considering a home renovation of this size, remember to use Kingdom, we know how to get the job done right. Choose Kingdom! 

Basement Remodeling 101

Finishing your basement can seem like a daunting task, a trusted remodeling company makes it easy. Take a look at this newly finished basement, it features a beautifully constructed layout & design.


  • Are you going to be required to meet new building requirements for your project? 
  • Do you have a builder & designer who can plan & coordinate your building requirements & design needs? If not, consider the amount of money you are investing into your home & what could happen if you work with a trusted contractor compared to a shady one.


  • Consider & research different flooring and ceiling options so your designer an choose the best fit for your homes needs.
    • Laminate flooring can save you money and expand the functionality of the space.
  • The basement layout and lighting placements are going to directly influence the overall feel of the space. Having a bad layout can create unwanted and unusable areas.
  • Room placement in a basement is important! So the placement of a bathroom, closet, or bar can impact the use of space heavily. Consider walkways and door openings and how you will be using the space when its completed. 


  • We do it all for you, with your input too of course! Having a trusted company to plan & coordinate a project like this is the most important factor. The trusted company will take care of the dirty work so you don't need to worry about things like city codes, inspections, layout design, & more. Working with our designer will also help you

Remember to consider your homes needs in regards to storage space, durable surfaces, bathroom accommodations, &  functionality when it comes to your basement remodeling project. 

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Modern Canton Kitchen Renovation

Outdated Kitchen in Canton, MI gets a Total Makeover!  

The Project

Before & after photos don't always tell the whole story when it comes to home renovations, but in this case, they do! This Kitchen Features elegant white mocha granite counter tops, polar white shaker cabinets, & black steel finishes. The grey subway tiles allow the grey tones in the granite to really stand out. Extending the subway tile behind the stainless steel hood vent adds another dimension to this design. The ability of the tile to draw your eye up the cabinets and hood vent is sensational!  A live edge bar top is also an inexpensive way to add some character to a modern kitchen design. The live edge bar top adds a unique design feature for a relatively low price. Overall, this stunning modern kitchen transformation really sets itself apart from the crowd. Absolutely beautiful!

Food For Thought

When your designing your kitchen, add features & elements that relate to one another & create a overall 'feel' for the new room. This can all be extremely difficult with an untrained eye. That's a main reason why a lot of people choose to work with a designer, rather than trying to design it all themselves. Remember, don't rush on your project just because you want to get it done sooner, spend your budget wisely & don't be scared to take a design risk! Need help remodeling? Contact Kingdom Today!



5 Ways to Increase your Homes Curb Appeal

Here are some things to consider when improving your homes curb appeal!

  1. View your home as a perspective buyer, what would you change? 

  2. Look at your roof! A key selling point for a home can be the age & appeal of the roof.

  3. New siding makes your home standout & adds durability to protect it from the elements.

  4. Covered porches, decks, & patios, add dimension & functionality to your home.

  5. Lastly, Consider your budget & what needs to be improved, create a plan for action!


 Curb appeal, also known as the initial look, feel, & functionality of your home, is often overlooked. Stop undervaluing your curb appeal, & create a plan of action to increase the value of your home today!